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How to Add a Custom Domain Name

When you create your SlickPic website or gallery, we will assign you a standard domain name e.g. yourname.slickpic.site or yourname.slickpic.com, however, you may want to change it to something more personal or unique. Remember that your website is the collection of pages and content hosted on SlickPic, but you have to connect it to a […]

How to Purchase a Domain Name

Creating your portfolio website is the first step to being recognized as a professional photographer. The next step is assigning a professional-sounding domain name. Purchasing a unique and memorable domain name is relatively inexpensive but essential for your brand. If you decide not to purchase a domain, we will assign you a free domain which […]

How to Connect a Custom Third-Party Domain

If you’ve purchased your domain through GoDaddy or 1&1 IONOS, see the article on How to Set Up Your Domain Using GoDaddy or 1&1 IONOS. For all other other domain providers, you will need to make the following DNS changes on the domain provider site: Your A record should point to SlickPic’s IP address, which […]

How Do I Transfer My Existing Domain to SlickPic?

Domain transfers can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 days to complete. The exact time frame depends on the domain’s TLD and the time required for your current registrar to complete the process. If your domain has already been unlocked and you’re ready to begin the transfer, log in to your account and click […]

How to Purchase a Business Email

You can purchase a matching professional email address to go with your custom domain. If you expect to deal with client enquiries through your website, it is a good idea to add an email address to your domain purchase. If you didn’t add email when you purchased your domain, or you want to add more […]

How to Add Domain Protection For Your Domain Name

Domain protection protects your domain against hijackers, hackers or other means. If you place a high value on your domain name or fear it might be sought after by others, this will give you peace of mind.  If you didn’t add domain protection when you purchased your domain, you can add it at any time. […]

How to Connect Custom Domain to SlickPic from Google Domains

Log into your Google Domains Account Once you have logged in you should see your domain name/s under the My Domains Section -> click Manage On the left-hand side you should see the option to manage your DNS settings -> Click on DNS in the left-hand menu In the DNS section scroll down to the Custom resource records section. Here you […]

Webmail Basics

Webmail provides you with access to your personal email, calendar, contacts, and file information from any browser, whether on your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices.                   What browsers can I use to view my mail? Webmail supports the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher Microsoft […]

How to Use Webmail

As the default view, the Mail tab provides you with access to essential email functions. It has three main panes, including the Mail folders list, message list, and message preview. How do I check to see if I have new mail? To check for new mail, click Refresh from the toolbar. The contents of all system and user-defined […]

Email Client Configuration Guides for End Users

These guides describe client-specific walk-throughs. It is intended to help the end-user set up their email if you choose to use a client instead of, or in conjunction with the Webmail interface. SlickPic Email Service works great with Windows and Apple OS X operating systems, as well as IOS and Android-based mobile devices. The attached […]