Welcome Video

Welcome to SlickPic. Let’s take a look at some of the features and tools that SlickPic offers. Dashboard Your Dashboard gives you an overview of everything happening in your account, including your likes, comments and the activity of photographers you follow. Organizer Your Organizer is where you upload albums and photos. It’s also where you […]

The difference between a Gallery and a Portfolio Website

Your Portfolio Website Your portfolio website is a showcase of your best images and functions as the face of your photography, whether it’s a hobby or a business. As a professional, this is where you would send potential clients. As a hobbyist, it’s a collection of your best work to show to your friends and […]

How to Upload an Album

Go to the Organizer and click the Upload button. The Upload page will open, where you can drag and drop your photos, or Select from your computer to add from there. While you are waiting for your photos to upload, you can add an Album Name, set the Privacy (for more details on privacy, see […]

Privacy and Security Settings on SlickPic

We provide several levels of protection – for images, albums and for the album owner’s identity. Image Protection Images can be hidden from public view (even when within a public album). Additionally, there are several features to prevent your image from being easily copied from your site: Disable viewers from saving the image by right-clicking […]

Privacy Settings Explained

Choose privacy settings and preferences for your Albums and Collections. In Organizer click Album Preferences. PUBLIC: Use the Public privacy setting to showcase your photos to everyone. Make your albums and collections visible to your friends, family and community. This is the current default setting for photos unless you change it. Set your albums to […]

How to Make an Album Public, Private or Unlisted

Open the Organizer by selecting it from the navigation menu.  Setting Privacy on Upload You can change the privacy settings in many areas, starting with the upload screen. Once you have added your images, you will see the privacy options in the right-hand menu. The privacy options are as follows: Public – Choose this option […]

How To Create a Group Upload Album

  Creating a Group Album Open the Organizer and choose Create new album from the Albums menu. Next, give your new album a name and then go to the album menu and select Group Upload. Managing the Settings A window will open where you can manage your album settings. Click Enable Group Upload to make […]

How to Share One Photo

Navigate to the Organizer tab. Click on an Album to select it, then click on a photo in your album to select it. Click on the blue button in the upper right corner of the page to Share This Photo. This launches a dialog where you can choose to Send by Email, Post on Social […]

How To Hide a Photo From Sharing

Open the Organizer by selecting it from the navigation menu. Hiding a Photo In the album view, go to the individual photo you would like to hide and select hide this item from the dropdown menu. An icon will appear in the top-left of the photo to show it is hidden. This means the photo […]

How To Add Photo Borders

You can add borders to your photos when they are displayed in your Gallery or on your Portfolio Website in full size. To add permanent borders to your photos, see the Watermarks sections of the help site. Example: Portfolio Website In the website builder, navigate to the album you want to edit and open the […]

How To Enable Album Download

Setting Sharing Permissions Open the Organizer by selecting it from the navigation menu. Navigate to the album that you want to allow your users to download and select Customize Album from the album menu. In the pop-up that opens, go to Downloads on the side menu. Then, use the toggle to Enable Album Download. You […]

How To Download a Photo

  Open your album in Organizer. Downloading a Photo Find the individual photo you would like to download and select Download photo from the dropdown menu.  Your download will show up in the downloads area of your browser. Click on the icon to open it. Letting Viewers Download Your Photos  To enable photo download for […]

How To Create And Share Your Exhibit

The Exhibit is the place where you can add your best photos from any of the albums or collections in your account. Access the Exhibit from the side menu. Creating an Exhibit From the Organizer, click on any album. Choose the photo that you would like to add to the Exhibit, click the Add to […]

How To Share an Album

Open an album in the Organizer. Sharing an Album In the upper right corner of the page, click on Share This Album. This launches a dialog where you can choose to Send by Email, Post on Social Networks, or Copy Link for the URL. Send by Email launches a pop-up where you enter the email […]

How To Play a Slideshow

Navigate to the Web Gallery tab. Select an Album. Then, click the ‘view’ icon and select Slideshow from the menu. Click the play button at the bottom of your screen to watch the slideshow. You can use the forward or back arrows, or the pause button to control the playback. You can choose how many […]

How To Create a Photoblog

Photoblog is a customizable photo journal. SlickPic Photoblog is different from other blogs because it’s built directly from your Albums or Collections. In other blogs, you have to write descriptions and then add specific URLs for the photos you want to share. While this does work, SlickPic offers a different method that is more efficient […]

How to Use the Gallery

Navigate to the Gallery tab. Click on any Album or Collection folder to see your photos. Viewing your Album in the Gallery Click the View icon to see your album in a choice of different formats. The options Justified, Flow and Square display all photos in the album in different layouts. Hover over the photo […]

How To Share Albums Securely

Go to the Organizer and open the album you want to share. Choose Unlisted from the privacy options in the top drop down. This means your album will be invisible in the public gallery (though you will still see it in Organizer view). To set privacy options which only apply to the shared link, go […]

Video Formats

We support the most commonly used video formats and codecs. However, there are many different video file types that use proprietary encoding formats that we haven’t seen yet, so you won’t know if we support the particular format or not until you try uploading. Video captured by some digital devices may require conversion prior to […]

What Web Browsers work best with SlickPic?

To make sure you have best experience possible, we recommend using the latest non-beta version of one of the following browsers: •  Mozilla Firefox •  Google Chrome •  Safari •  Microsoft Edge We support the current and previous major releases of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a […]